3 Types of Scotch That I’m Kinda Fond Of

I enjoy whiskey of all kinds & from every corner of the Earth, and this includes, of course, scotch whisky. For an alcohol to be classified as Scotch whisky is must have been both distilled and matured in Scotland. The good reason for this is that scotch whiskies derive part of their natural flavor from the air in the place where they are stored for maturation. These make them to have a natural flavor that makes them to be unique from other types of whiskey. It should also be noted that all types of scotch whisky don’t have enhancers or additives. They are made using only cereals (maize wheat and barely), yeast and water although small amount of burnt sugar (caramel) is also permitted during bottling to ensure that there is a consistent color of finished product. Here are 3 types of scotch that I tend to prefer.

1. Single Grain Scotch Whisky

This is perhaps the most specialized form of scotch. This blend is actually made from un-malted barley and is the product of single distillery. Typically the ingredients used to produce this brand would be maize corns, barley and water but many brewers have gone an extra mile to even use unconventional ingredients such as rice. The production process is often complex and as a result single grain whiskey is a brand that is expensive and hard to find. Majority of single grain whisky that is normally produced in Scotland usually goes to make blended Scotch whisky. This leaves only a small amount to be used by the public consumers hence making it a rare commodity. It is one type of scotch that you cannot afford to taste. With its natural flavor that is complimented by a smooth taste, it is indeed one type of Scotch whisky that will always make you want more of it.

2. Blended Scotch Whisky

This is the most common and popularly consume brand of scotch whiskey worldwide. The blends used to manufacture this brand typically contain around 20% malt and 80% grain and a range of 15 to 20 different types of malt. The main reason why blended Scotch whisky is so popular is because of its differentiable and customizable capabilities. It is a fact that we are different and each person has his/her own preferences .Some people may prefer Peter Dawson while other may prefer Johnny Walker but one thing that always stands out is the high quality art of their production. The brand is also common because skilled master blenders can produce individual blends with distinctive and consistent characteristics. It is one type of brand that is appreciated by many people around the world due its customized natural taste.

Single Cask Malt

It is made from a single cast that has a typical volume of about 200 liters. Only 400 bottles can actually be made from a single cask. Due to the longer time that it needs to sit on the cask, bottling quantity may vary because of evaporation .Production of single cask malt is extremely meticulous simply because the concentration cannot be consistently controlled by mixing malts from different cask. Therefore, you should not expect them to always taste the same as other whiskies from other distillery. With its smooth sensation, it is one type of scotch whiskey that will always make you beg for more.

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