My 3 Favorite Types of White Wine

Nothing helps melt the days troubles away like a nice glass of wine. Of the types of alcohol, wine seems to be the one most socially acceptable to consume on a regular basis without someone calling you an alcoholic. There are many types of wine, and below you will find the finest of the whites, in my (not) humble opinion.

Gewürztraminer Wine

This wine gets its name from the grape that is used to produce it. Gewürztraminer is a kind of a white grape that is predominantly grown in places with cool climatic conditions. They are mainly found in France, USA, Australia, Germany and New Zealand. The cool climate provides the flavor with an opportunity to concentrate thereby ensuring the wine produced is of unrivaled quality.

Gewürztraminer wines can either be of dry or sweet varieties. Unlike other types of white wine, this particular type is best enjoyed sooner as opposed to the conventional later. You can enjoy different flavors ranging from honey, cinnamon, pear, pumpkin spice and rose.

This wine is particularly ideal for Asian foods, grilled sausages, chicken wings and BBQ.

Chardonnay Wine

Chardonnay is arguably the best and most popular wine in the United States. It is a complex kind of wine owing to the different tastes varying from spice, hints of oak to golden velvety. It is manufactured from the green skinned chardonnay grape that further contributes to the wine’s popularity. The chardonnay grape is known to withstand several different types of climatic conditions which lead to bumper harvests in most parts of the world. It grows in different parts of the world including South Africa, California, Chile and Burgundy.

Chardonnay has a variety of flavors too. It comes in the fruity flavors of apple, citrus, tropical and even melon.

When it comes to food pairing, chardonnay is absolutely versatile. It pairs very well with pork, poultry dishes and even sea foods. In addition to that, you can never go wrong with other foods such as grilled shrimp, garlic, salads and curry dishes. It can be sipped with most of the conventional and exotic dishes which makes it ideal for your daily palate.

Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio Wine

Wrapping up my 3 favorite kinds of white wine is the Pinot Grigio wine. Produced from the pinot Grigio grape, this type of wine is the most popular type of white wine in Italy. It is one of those rare types of wine that should be consumed sooner rather than later. They are common in France and the United States also. The most interesting thing about this grape is the difference in characteristic depending on the region where it is found. For instance, the Pinot Grigio in Europe is found to be more acidic than that found in America, though both of them posses a citrus aroma.

There are different kinds of flavors for this wine ranging from citrus fruit to subtle tropical. You can also find a smoky or a honey flavor.

As for food pairing, Pinot Gris goes hand in hand with a variety of foods. Some of them include sea foods, cheese cracker and light pastas. Pinot Grigio is known to be highly acidic and therefore it is advisable that the wine should not be taken with foods that have high acidic content such as citrus fruits or tomato fruits. Therefore you are best advised to neutralize the acidity with less acidic foods to better enjoy this exotic wine.

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