The Top 10 Best Drinking Games

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Popular drinking games are one of my favorite ways to get a little tipsy with my pals. The great thing about these games is that just about anything anywhere can be turned in to a drinking game, it just takes an innovative mind and a little bit of alcohol to set your mind to work. However, a game is never game unless there are rules. Below you will find my 10 favorite drinking games along with their rules.

Beer 99 – This is a drinking card game that comprises of maths and lots of drinking. For this game you will need one standard deck of 52 cards and a lot of beer. The aim of this game is to play the cards until the piled cards’ value add up to 99. Whoever throws in the card that sums up the whole pile to 99 gets to guzzle down 1 or 2 beers. However, the number 4 card and the king card can be used to avoid drinking responsibilities. For more rules for card drinking games, check out the┬áDrinking Card Games┬ácategory at

Flip, Sip or strip – This is a game that aims to get everyone drunk and naked, sounds like the perfect party huh? Sip or strip is best suited for 3-5 people and the rules are simple. Flip a coin and call heads or tails while its still in the air, if you guess right pass on the coin to your right, if you’re wrong then you either have to take a shot or take off an item of your clothing. A pair of clothing counts as one.

Power Hour – A game that’s all about drinking, no cards, no guesswork just pure guzzling. This game requires everyone to take a shot of beer every minute for an entire hour, or to take 21 shots within an hour on one’s 21st birthday.

Questions – A pretty simple drinking game that only requires a slight imagination and any kinds of alcohol. The game requires you to ask questions and the answer to the question has to be other no/yes without any hesitations. No laughing, no stammering; committing any of these ‘crimes’ means you have to take a shot.

Buzz– Do you and your friends love number? No? It doesn’t matter anyway, by the time you’re done with this drinking game you won’t even remember your age. Buzz is a simple game in which everyone takes a turn counting. First player goes “one” next “two” and so on. When a player says a number that’s divisible by 7 he/she has to say buzz, if not he/she gets to take a shot. If a player says Buzz inappropriately then he/she also deserves a shot.

King’s Cup – I like to call it the circle of death given the number of times this game has gotten me in to deep trouble, but anyway that’s the whole point right? For this game you’ll need an empty cup, a deck of cards and lots of alcohol. The game starts off by placing an empty cup or a full beer in the middle of a deck of cards, that is, spread the deck of cards around the cup, bottle to form a circle. Then get the players to sit round the table in a circle then randomly select a card from the circle of cards.

Each card has a different task or rather meaning, for instance, picking a 2 means ‘you’, you’ll have to choose a player to take a shot. 4 is for whores, all the female players get to drink and 3 is for “me” meaning you have to take a shot. All the cards on the deck have different calls making the game endlessly fun.

Never Have I Ever – One of the best drinking games ever! No cards no math, just simple fun. This game requires the players to use the phrase “Never have I ever” with something they’ve never done. Any player whose ever done that particular act takes a shot. This games is best suited for close friends, this way you can say some embarrassing stuff that you know one of the players has done and watch them take a swig.

Russian Beer Roulette – For some messy fun try this game. It practically involves on player shaking a beer can vigorously then mixing it up with other cans of beers. The other players can then pick the beers and whoever ends up with beer all over his/her face is undoubtedly the loser.

James Bond – Once in a while all you couch potatoes leave the comfort of your own couches to invade that of another. If you are planning any couch invasion soon then bring along some alcohol and play James Bond. This game requires you to watch a James Bond movie and every time the word James is mentioned players take a sip, when Bond is mentioned players take two sips and every time James Bond is mentioned players should drink down half an imported beer. I can only imagine how crazy it will get when agent 007 goes “My name is Bond. James Bond.” For an extensive list of movie game rules, check out these movie drinking games.

Quarters – Just as the name suggest, this drinking game requires a quarter, a shot of glass and players willing to get hammered. The shot glass if filled with alcohol and placed on a table and then players attempt to bounce the quarter off the table in the shot glass. Whoever succeeds gets to choose who takes a shot and gets another chance at bouncing off the quarter. If a player bounces off the quarter in to the shot glass thrice in a row he/she gets to make a rule for instance “no player shall say the words ‘drunk’, ‘drink’ or ‘drank’.

Those are just 10 of my favorite drinking games, another notable game is Kings Cup rules, which is another popular favorite.

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